Current Series

Do you know how to pray? Do you pray enough? Are most of your prayers last minute emergency prayers? Maybe you don’t understand prayer, or no one has ever showed you how to pray.  Prayer is not something we have to do.  Prayer is something we GET to do!  God invites us into prayer with Him because that’s how we communicate with him andat the heart of prayer is a relationship with God.  It’s a two-way conversation with Him. 

The redletters in our Bibles are the words of Jesus.  And one time, a group of people asked Jesus to show them how to pray.  They must have felt just like us when we pray.  Like God was a million miles away, or that they were unworthy to pray. Maybe they felt like their prayers were hitting the ceiling or they simply didn’t know what to say.  Maybe you feel just like these people when it comes to praying. 

So what more is there to prayer than just; “Help me, bless me, protect me, give me?” How can we connect to God in the same way that drove these people to want to copy the prayers of Jesus? Join us as we discover these redletter prayers of Jesus.