Current Series

Have you ever considered that God made you to party?
The reason we like to laugh together
The reason we like to celebrate together
The reason we sing together
The reason we can’t wait for Friday night—is because God made you that way. 
And there is a party happening—and you may be missing out on it. In fact, many people are missing out.

In following Christ, there is one truth that most of us forget—we were never meant to do this alone. We need other people. It’s critical not just because we need friends, but also because in community we understand more about who God is. We see how He is working in other people’s lives. We learn things that God has taught them, and we get an opportunity to love and serve others.

Everything you dream, hope, and pray is linked to how you love and serve others. Your potential to encounter real love, build friendships, develop empathy, feel joy, know purpose, choose wisely, embrace hope, and experience genuine faith, is intricately tied to what you do for others. Our faith is less about what God is against and more about what God is for. So, come discover that God is for us having a full life. And He doesn’t want you to miss the party. If you really want to live a full life you have to learn how to live for someone other than yourself. #JoinTheParty