Current Series

What is the best part of vacation? What is the worst part?  Once we arrive on vacation life just seems simple.  No shoes, no shirt, no problems, right? But then comes that day that vacation ends and it’s back to reality ☹️.  As we go back, many times our mind stays in vacation mode.  It’s hard to get back into the flow again.

All too often this happens in our spiritual lives as well.  we go through times of great zeal to deep valleys of spiritual low.  And during either of those times it’s easy to spiritually check out because we are frustrated or just too content.  We distance ourselves from God and others.  We get spiritually complacent with where we are and don’t seek living life to the fullest the way God intended us to.

What causes us to get stuck in spiritual vacation mode? Is it wrong? Can it hurt us? And how do we get unstuck and live life the fullest?  Vacations and times of rest are necessary, but we can’t stay in vacation mode forever. So, let’s get back in the flow, unpack our bags, and together we can avoid getting stuck in #VacationMode.