Current Series

What is the biggest challenge you've ever faced? Maybe it was a major project proposal at work. Maybe it was remodeling the kitchen at home. Maybe it's just getting up and getting to work on time. Whatever it is, there’s the little knot in your stomach, the nerves, maybe tapping of the foot.  There is a feeling of being completely overwhelmed, anxious and excited all at once.

The Bible tells the story of a guy named Nehemiah who was all too familiar with that feeling. Growing up serving the king in Babylon and then Persia, Nehemiah probably didn't think his life would make much of a story. But when he learns that his family's homeland is in ruins, something changes in Nehemiah. He decides to do something about it to go there. To BUILD. Nehemiah decided to face, head-on, the God-sized challenge of rebuilding the wall surrounding Jerusalem and creating a safe place for his people. And through his story, we may just find the tools we need to face the challenge of impacting our city. It's time to BUILD. Come BUILD with us.