Why Start a New Church? 

New churches help people connect with God in deep and powerful ways. Often, established churches have established routines and relationships, which can make "church" seem like another service or product to consume rather than an opportunity to participate and actively grow. New churches tend to place a high value on reaching people who are far from God at an organic level, allowing people to begin an authentic relationship with Christ for the first time or grow dramatically in their spiritual walk in real and life changing ways. New churches bring hope to those who find themselves isolated or alone.  


Who are you?                                           
What are you like? What do you enjoy?  What is your life story? Why are you in Panama City? How long will you be here? Who are your friends? Have you found like-minded people? People who care for you and about you?

Where are you spiritually?                   
Where are you at with God? Do you believe in God? Are you thriving or struggling? Does God seem near or far away? Have you ever trusted Jesus with your whole life? What doubts still linger? What still holds you back?

How can we help you to take the next step?                                                       We are here to come alongside you on your spiritual journey. What is the next step for you? We’re here to encourage each other as we move closer to Christ. 


Everyone Matters

So many of us are far from our homes and families. At LifeBridge International Church, we see the church as a community. Everyone is welcome and embraced. At LifeBridge authentic relationships, honesty, love, trust, mentoring each other in the Word and honoring God together characterize our community. Whether you are married or single, an expat or Panamanian,  you are a valued part of our community.  We are committed to being a faith community that is completely surrendered and dependent on God for its direction, vision and purpose. 


What is this church like?

A church is not a building. It is a group of people committed to worshipping God together. We don’t worship God because we must or because we should. We worship God passionately because He is good and we are grateful and awed.  Our worship gatherings will be marked by passionate music and relevant teaching from God’s Word (the Bible) to us. Contemporary music and relevant  teaching will inspire you weekly.   But it is not about LifeBridge, the music or the teaching, it is about honoring and worshipping the One and Only God who is worthy of all our praise.